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Schlumpf Collection

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An ardent collector, Fritz Schlumpf started with a passion for tin soldier armies, then postage stamps. In the years preceeding the second world war, Fritz Schlumpf, who had always felt attracted by cars, bought a Bugatti 35 B.

As he participated in hill climbs in the Vosges mountains and liked the beautiful motorcars, he had the brilliant idea of gathering in a single place the old cars which marked the century of the automobile industry. He really began his collection in 1960. Methodically, he collected old cars, bought wrecks, set up a restoration workshop. This museum was to be the flagship of the Schlumpf group.

Both brothers dedicated it to their mother, Jeanne who had died in 1957 and who had had a great impact on their lives of ceaseless work. The museum covers a surface of 20.000 sqm accessible to the public with 17.000 sqm only for the showroom.

The collection originally included more than 500 vehicles, all in working order. It consisted of 102 makes among which 66 were French and the most important one being Bugatti with 120 vehicles.

Nothing was left to chance by Fritz Schlumpf, not even the music, because there is also a huge Mortier Organ of the 1900’s in the Museum ; it is so big that a pit had to be dug for its installation.

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