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Fritz Schlumpf

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Fritz SCHLUMPF was everything and its opposite. Remarkably intelligent, his brilliant mocking eyes betrayed him when he pretended not to understand something. 
He thought he had the right to be as demanding with the others as he was with himself. He was very kind and he was perpetually worrying for the others. He was very sensitive, but tried to hide it because he was afraid that people might think him weak. 
He was scrupulous while affecting detachment and obstinate without being stubborn ; he knew how to laugh at others, but also how to laugh at himself and had a deep insight in mankind, its weaknesses, its greatness and its vanities. 
A tireless worker, he was constantly setting about recasting everything he was doing. His companies brought life to whole valleys in Alsace, on the economical and also on the human level.

He was a passionate person, a collector in his soul.

He was the actor of an exceptional life and he leaves us an inestimable treasure. Fritz SCHLUMPF did not need a judicial rehabilitation. The monument to his glory will always exist : the Museum.

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