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Articles de presse réalisés par la vie de l'Auto, magazine hebdomadaire consacré à l'auto de collection

 La vie de l'auto
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Arlette Schlumpf récupère 62 voitures

LVA n° 903 du 9 septembre 1999
Interview exclusive d'Arlette Schlumpf

Réalisée par Igor Biétry, rédacteur en chef adjoint
LVA n° 917 du 16 décembre 1999

Lire l'interview d'Arlette Schlumpf



In 1965, the museum was about to open...
In order to gather his closest friends' opinions, Fritz Schlumpf organized a pre-opening visit of the museum. Here are some of these VIPs' comments from the Visitors' Book :

musée schlumpf



I thank Mr. Schlumpf for allowing us to visit his museum. BERTIL.

Prince of Sweden, March 22, 1965






musée schlumpf




In seeing all these beautiful memories of the efforts for success in the exciting field of the automobile, we see the future. 

A tradition that continues.






musée schlumpf 



Before my visit I had heard a lot about this sanctuary for the automobile.  What I saw exceeded anything I could imagine. 

On the behalf of car enthusiasts and the  automobile cause I would like to thank you, dear Mr. Schlumpf, as well as all those who through their work, their patience, their selflessness to the automotive cause, played a part in the success of this colossal undertaking.






musée schlumpf



Compte tenu de ma grande affection pour l’automobile, je peux affirmer sans hésiter qu’aujourd’hui est un des jours que j’ai le plus apprécié dans ma vie, à voir autant de voitures, principalement celles de course qui pour me rappellent tant de bons souvenirs de mon époque de coureur automobile.

Je suis reconnaissant à M. Schlumpf de son amabilité pour nous avoir montré son magnifique musée, qui, je pense, est unique.

Marquis de VILLAPADERNA, 22 mars 1965.

Dada mi gran aficion al automovil, puedo afirmar sin dudarlo que hoy es uno de los dias que mas he disfrutado en mi vida viendo tanto coches principalmente algunos de carreras que pare un treinen tan gratos recuerdos de un epoca de corredor.

Agradezco mucho a Mr Schlumpf tanta amabilidad al ensenarnos su magnifico museo, creo que unico en esa magnifice coleccion.

Marquis de VILLAPADERNA, 22 mars 1965.




musée schlumpf



This wonderful visit to your museum, Mr. Schlumpf, has allowed us to relive, with such emotion, all the beauty of the past which is unfortunately now behind us. A time when for us, motorsport was what we held dearest. 

And thanks to you, thanks to your cars, a day was had that will remain etched in my heart. 

Thank you.

BAUMGARTNER, President of the International Association Sportive Automobile.





 musée schlumpf



To my friend Schlumpf: thank you for making me relive the best years of my career, my 35 years served to motorsport. 

I saw my two loves: the Ballot, muse and ignition to my career; and the 16-cylinder Bugatti, 3 races, 3 wins. One of the few in the world that flew this wonder of a car. 

I thank you with all my heart. 

Louis CHIRON, former race car driver, 22 March 1965.







 musée schlumpf 


You have created automobile paradise, dear Fritz Schlumpf. 

Thanks to your wonderful museum, I could relive the golden years of motor racing! 

A sincere, truly sincere congratulations! 

Baron Emmanuel de Graffenried Toulo, former race car driver.




musée schlumpf






I was amazed by what I saw.
I want to thank Mr. Schlumpf for showing me one of the most beautiful things in the world, for which I have the deepest appreciation. That is to say, his collection of antique cars. 
With all my admiration, 
His Imperial Highness BAO DAI, December 5, 1968 







musée schlumpf 






With the guidance of its eminent creator, Fritz Schlumpf, I had the privilege of admittance to such a sanctuary for the car. The experience brought joy and enrichment to the heart and mind, equal to as in Romans times, whose people positively cultivated their sense of being on this earth. 
Ollivier, Minister of the Sovereign Order of Malta, corresponding member of the Institute, President of the International Commission for the development of tourism resources of Europe, Commissioner General of Tourism Monaco, Director of the International Academy of tourism, Sept. 22, 1965.









musée schlumpf

Cette très belle et unique collection m’impressionne profondément.

Cela montre les diversités de pensée les constructeurs européens, qui au travers de véhicules futuristes ont permis d’introduire une avancée technique.
Vous-même, Monsieur Schlumpf, avez mon plus profond respect dans la présentation que vous faites de l’histoire de l’automobile Européenne au travers de votre travail monumental.
Merci pour m’avoir permis de partager ces émotions et merci encore pour votre accueil si chaleureux

Professor NALLINGER, directeur général Daimler-Benz AG, le 25 septembre 1965.

Diese wunderbare und einmalige Sammlung beeindruckte mich tief. Sie zeigt mit welcher Vielfalt der gedanken die europäischen Automobilbauer daran gegangen sind, diesem so zukunfstüchtigem fahrzeug die technische vollendung zu verschaffen. Ihnen Herr Schlumpf, zu diesem grossartigen werk, das die geschichte des europäischen Automobilwerkes darstellt meine allergrösste hochachtung. Vielen dank dass ich diesen eindruck gewinnen konnte und vielen dank für ihre gastfreundschaft.

Professor NALLINGER, directeur général Daimler-Benz AG, le 25 septembre 1965.


musée schlumpf



The end of a memorable day which allowed me to relive my entire automotive career in a manner of brilliance never equaled, the fruit of my own creation that I never dreamed could become so enviable... 

To dear Mr. Schlumpf, I want to thank you for giving me this honor and happiness. 

Amédée Gordini, automaker, Jan. 6, 1966.






musée schlumpf



The Director of the Museums of France might be embarrassed to have to decide on the merits of a museum subject to his inspection. But upon seeing that is was not the case, he is quite at ease to express the admiration garnered from a visit to the magnificent collection assembled with such passion by Mr. Schlumpf. He wishes that in the future the Schlumpf museum should become a legal standard, lending it the success and influence it deserves. 

Jean Chatelain , Director of the Museums of France , October 29, 1967




musée schlumpf






Responsible for the Unterlinden Museum, it is as a connoisseur that I speak. It is a wonderful adventure that drives us, Fritz Schlumpf . The prestigious cars you bring together with so much love create a unique collection.

So much beauty, no one knows what to admire more: the constant research into collectors or his love of exact reconstruction. The museum has plans to open to the public as a scientific and historical cultural work, worthy of rank among the finest museums in France. 

Alfred BETZ, director of the Museum Unterlinden Colmar 3 December 1967.








musée schlumpf 



A thank you to Mr. Schlumpf for my visit to his wonderful collection with the officers of the General Staff of the 7th Division. 

I wish him good luck for the establishment of the Automobile Museum, which will restore Mulhouse and for France provide another opportunity to educate young people by showing them beautiful and mechanical perfection. 


General BOISSIEU (Mulhouse) and members of his staff, December 6, 1967.







 musée schlumpf





In full admiration for the work that honors Mr. Schlumpf, I wish to express my gratitude to him.

How, as the mayor of Mulhouse, could I remain indifferent to such a magical show that will help make this city a crossroads for auto mechanics from here and far alike.

I thank you with all my heart for this precious contribution to a city that draws new hopes for its future development. 

Emile MULLER Mayor of Mulhouse, 10 April 1968.







musée schlumpf





The meeting point between intelligence, mechanics and beauty? 

That is your work, totally and irreplaceably. 

Essential to the twentieth century. For man and by man... In tribute to and of our struggle.

Beauty, because it is truth. Yours truly,

Paul LOMBARD , 18 October 1982








musée schlumpf



To Mr. Fritz Schlumpf, in testimony of the admiration I have for the work undertaken to ensure the preservation of the French and European heritage of the automobile.

BERLIET Paul, CEO of Automobiles Berliet in Lyon, 1 October 1984

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